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“Instead of staying up all night working on the sociology paper that I was supposed to be working on, I'd rather go downtown to the The Source and sit up all night listening to mixtapes and writing about why Outkast is so important.”Oh transcribed interviews and made copies, and started to pick up assignments from Source editors Jon Shecter, Reginald C. "All of the people that really believed in me and mentored me were men,” Oh says. This person is gonna get it done for me.’” Her bosses saw her as an industry outsider capable of writing impartial, accurate album reviews.

In 1994, with their blessing, she famously awarded Nas’ debut Illmatic five mics, The Source’s super-rare, highest award.

She started her career in hip-hop as an outsider — a young Asian-American woman new to New York — but since she’s become one of the most respected and unlikely voices not only in New York radio, but in hip-hop.

At Hot 97, where she's worked for 10 years and is now the news director, the Korean-American Miss Info is used to being the only Asian person in the room.

To her, this is a tired question with a simple answer: Hip-hop adapts to survive.

Twenty years deep in the game, Info knows this better than most.

She's now seen by fans and peers as an all-around spokesperson for hip-hop, but for all her success, Oh seems to still feed off a deep inner well of curiosity.

Starring in a VH1 show isn't exactly like writing album reviews, but Info has gamely evolved over the years, working in magazines, television, radio, and on the internet.

Her passion for hip-hop was just as encompassing, and while she was still in college, she wrote letters to the editors at The Source, and eventually convinced them to let her work as an unpaid intern.

This was hip-hop’s “shiny-suit” era, when major label budgets were fat and black rap and R&B artists dominated the charts.

Oh would later describe this period as a sort of puberty for rap: “The roots of the music are very ‘street,’” she said in 2005, observing the decline of The Source.

She's helped reshape the content and tone of hip-hop journalism, with her own brand of meticulously researched celebrity gossip, emotionally revealing artist interviews, and explorations into tech and style.

Since 1994, Miss Info, whose full name is Minya Oh, has flouted prevailing notions about what sort of background a hip-hop expert should have.

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Ebro Darden, Angie Martinez, Funkmaster Flex, Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, and Miss Info — radio personalities from the iconic New York hip-hop station Hot 97 who, together with Cipha Sounds, comprise the show’s cast — sit at front-row cocktail tables.“All the black folks in the house, make some noise! Since it became one of the country’s first hip-hop stations in 1993, Hot 97 has become as legendary as the artists it's promoted.

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