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343 Industries is releasing Halo 5: Guardians to eager fans the world over.While not completely escaping criticism, the game itself is well received and ultimately, it's a solid shooter with tight gameplay and gorgeous art direction - all delivered at a solid 60 frames per second frame-rate.When moving between areas or travelling at a high speed, you'll still run into occasional hitches and blips. Run the game from the internal drive - it cuts down the impact of the pauses, though it can't remove them completely.The bottom line is that Halo 5 on Xbox One X is an excellent upgrade.As with other games that offer a windowed-fullscreen option, your game resolution must match your desktop resolution to be able to enter windowed-fullscreen.The reason for this limitation is simply that the window scaling used by Windows 7 and up makes the game look awful if it has to be stretched.

If you did purchase Ultimate Edition and can’t access your game, contact Xbox Support’s purchases department to look into the issue.There’s some early reports of this happening, but 343 hasn’t yet provided any guidance on what might be causing the an Xbox Play Anywhere title, purchasing a digital version gets you a copy on both the Xbox One and PCs running Windows.Note that there’s no separate code for the Windows version.It looks like the self-same artwork is used on the standard version of the game, but there simply wasn't the pixel real estate or the definition to actually see all of the intricate details.Perhaps more than any other game at the launch of the new Xbox, Halo 5 demonstrates just how much of an upgrade the hardware is capable of delivering, and while 1080p display users benefit, the 4K advantage is undeniable.

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It's a revelatory improvement and the remarkable reality is that 343's 4K patch doesn't seem to offer huge improvements to core asset quality.

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