Mvc form not validating

NET MVC Application and named it as This is the initial set up and we need to run this data annotation validation project.

Now, we are going to discuss the validation available in data annotation only by one.

For keeping this article simple and easily understandable, I am dividing data annotation validation in two parts. Prerequisite For easy understanding of this article, you should have minimal ASP. At least, you should be aware about controller view models etc.

in MVC and how to create a basic application using ASP. Overview For this article, we create an Application i.e ASP.

Conclusion In this article, we learned about the built in data annotation validation in ASP. If you have any question or comments regarding this article, please post it in the comment section of this article.

For example, a property of type string can have various scenarios as it might hold Email address, URL or a password.The client side logic gives the users instant feedback on the information they entered into a Web page and is an expected feature in today’s applications.Meanwhile, the server validation logic is in place because you should never trust information arriving from the network.We can configure the default error message with a user friendly error message as we need to pass the custom error message with If we create an Application with globalization and localization features then this string message will be not sufficient.Hence, in this case, we can configure the error message with the resource string.

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