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See New York Land and Property for more details, especially about the papers generated in New York State by large speculative land companies. Record types: Wills, bonds, petitions, accounts, inventories, administrations, orders, decrees, and distribution.

While the punishments given in juvenile court are often less severe than meted out in adult court, prosecutors are are very willing to send a child to jail and disrupt their life, present and future.This page describes sources of genealogical data about Washington County, New York Genealogy families, including links to smaller localities at the bottom of this page.New York-related pages show useful statewide sources.Police will go to your child's school and will enlist the help of administrators and teachers to question your child.Police are even taught to lie to your child during their interrogation, and will often tell your child that they have damning evidence, which they in fact do not, in order to convince your child that admitting to the commission of a crime is their only solution.

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  2. The basic Chevrolet small-block V8 design has remained in continuous production since its debut in 1955, longer than any other mass-produced engine in the world, although current versions share few if any parts interchangeable with the original.