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Nevertheless, Kinsey’s version of the truth was so grossly oversimplified, exaggerated, and mixed with falsehoods, it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction.Distinguished British anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer put it well when he called the reports propaganda masquerading as science.Sexuality is certainly a subject worthy of scientific study.And many people pay lip service to sexual purity while secretly behaving altogether differently in their private lives.In his 842-page volume on female sexuality, motherhood wasn’t mentioned once.Problem #2: Skewed Samples Kinsey often presented his statistics as if they applied to moms, dads, sisters, and brothers.In another finding that runs contrary to all that the sex researchers preached, a survey at the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center showed that men and women, on average, are sexually happier than unwed couples merely living together. Well, not exactly — the truth is more complicated than that. The science that launched the sexual revolution has been used for the past 50 years to sway court decisions, pass legislation, introduce sex education into our schools, and even push for a redefinition of marriage. If his science was flawed — or worse yet, an outright deception — then our culture’s attitudes about sex are not just wrong morally but scientifically as well. When Kinsey and his coworkers published in 1953, they turned middle-class values upside down.And even if live-in couples do marry, they’re 40 to 85 percent more likely to divorce than those who go straight to the altar. Many traditionally forbidden sexual practices, Kinsey and his colleagues proclaimed, were surprisingly commonplace; 85 percent of men and 48 percent of women said they’d had premarital sex, and 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women had been unfaithful after marriage.

But in Kinsey’s worldview, humans differed from animals only when it came to procreation. On the other hand, human procreation got little notice from Kinsey.

So, what were the issues the world’s best scientists had with Kinsey’s work?

The criticism can be condensed into three troublesome points.

girls as a freedom more delicious than Eden’s apple.

No American under 40 can honestly remember a time when sex on TV was taboo, when “living together” meant married, when “gay” meant happy, and when almost every child lived with both parents.

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