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My restrictor just stops the throttle opening full.

No problem upto about 100mph, which is fast enough for me Yes, you'll get more of a kick in midrange and definitely in the top end.

However the following example (from the article) deletes the vector while constructing a string.

Doing so with my example doesn't seem to be the right thing to do (SIGSEV) member won't be constructed as the union's constructor is implicitly deleted, so the constructor shouldn't invoke the destructor; the blog example code is just wrong.

would be more efficient when the existing memory is sufficient for all the elements being copied.

Basically, you must match constructions and destructions.

If your object hasn't been destructed, then may well call a memory deallocation function on the bogus pointer.

However, this event involved more simultaneous comparison tests than ever before, was independently verified and, crucially, the conversations were unrestricted.

A true Turing test does not set the questions or topics prior to the conversations.

When your unrestricted, its is sitting around 6k, where it gets fun. At first the acceleration is amazing, the speedo increase way up in to the 100s in a matter of seconds.

Then in a few years, your fully used to it, bored, need more power etc....

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Concerning anonymous union member, it seems allowed by the standard (see stackoverflow.com/questions/10693913/…)@3XX0: sorry - the Wikipedia's C 11 article (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C++11#Unrestricted_unions) is a bit misleading at "// Due to the Point member, a constructor definition is now required." - I shouldn't have trusted it without checking the Standard.

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