Updating a lamp base with paint

I put together this handy dandy photo tutorial that you can easily pin and store for reference! It cleans ANYTHING, it’s safe and all-natural, and since it’s concentrated, very cheap! While I normally stick to Rustoleum or Krylon spray paint, I will be unloyal for this color.

-Leave lots of time between coats, the more time the better. -Don’t try to cram it all in one coat: long, light sprays are the best. It’s the perfect yellow, and Tatertot Jen also used it on her entry way table here.

This is not the first, second or third lamps we have built, redone, repurposed,and even recovered a lampshade. The black plastic thing keeps the wire from getting cut, then there is a nut below that to tighten the lamp. I had to remove a felt circle in order to get to the bolt and nut that holds the lamp together. They have a tube that runs through the body of the lamp. You will probably need to refer to the photos when putting it back together, The socket part has a cover that will slide back on at the end of reassembly.

We have repurposed a chandelier Redone a milk glass lamp Made old Coke bottles into lamps Painted several lamps I thought I would actually let you in on a secret…redoing lamps are relatively easy! The inside of the socket connects the two sides of the wire with screws.

I skipped this step, because I will probably change the color someday, and I didn’t want extra layers.

We got a lovely new duvet and pillows for our bed as part of our wedding registry. We went from dark jewel tones to a bright, cheery and (gasp! Now, my red and black bedside table lamp doesn't really coordinate.

For Christmas, I got this lovely stencil from my mother-in-law.

The bolt on the bottom was tough so Hubby had to use several tools to loosen it. The wires go in the hole at the base of this one first- not all lamps do this.

I laid it all out and photographed just the metal part so that we could remember the order. then into the metal rod, then the rod into the body of this lamp. a The metal parts went back on, then the socket, then the socket cover.

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