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You should see an appropriate message when you come back.)Here’s the panel for updating themes: (the sidebar menu). Those that are out of date will come with a message notifying you of the update available: Click on “update now” for each plugin that’s outdated. Go to (the sidebar menu again), and the themes list will appear. If not, you’ll see something like this: Click on “Update Available” and then on “update now”: It’s funny how updating Word Press itself is actually the easiest and quickest step in the whole process.So, to update the Word Press core safely, you just need to click one single button.Which is: At this point, your site is using the latest Word Press version!Since you disabled the caching mechanism before the upgrade, it’s time to reactivate it.There are lots of Word Press backup plugins out here that will handle things for you on autopilot.

If everything went well, you can back up your site again, just to have the most up-to-date version saved somewhere safe.

Now your site is updated, but it’s a good idea to browse around and make sure that things are in order.

Go through your pages and posts to see if they are displayed properly.

You will probably need to upgrade your database simply by following the process and clicking upgrade.

Final Step: You may need to: Tip: To avoid losing any custom changes you make to the Word Press core files after you update, you may consider creating your own child theme which will save all your custom coding in a separate directory and therefore not be overwritten when you update to the latest version in the future.

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Add your site by clicking this button: After adding the site, click on “Backup Now”: Once the backup is done, click on “History” from the same menu to see all your backups.

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