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Other Magyar tribes lived in the Ural steppes and in the Caucasus.

However, there are other theories to explain the origin of the name.

The Gesta Hungarorum records that "Hunni sive Hungari", indicating the Magyars, passed through "regna Bessorum [Pechenegs], Alborum Comanorum [White Kumans] et civitatem Kyo [Kiev]" on their way to Pannonia.

To avoid the threat of further attacks from the east, rpd led the Magyars further west across the mountains into Transylvania, where the Szekels submitted voluntarily.

Prince Istvn, son of Gza, received a royal crown from the Pope, who was anxious to extend his sphere of influence and prevent the Orthodox church from gaining ground in Hungary. Of the 24 successions between Istvn I in 1000 and Andrs III in 1290, there were only eight cases of the king being succeeded by his eldest son.

Istvn was crowned as first king of Hungary in 1000. During the nine years which followed the extinction of the dynasty in the male line in 1301, four rival claimants for the Hungarian crown emerged.

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